If we make a step forward we will find ourselves in 2018, so before this, it's time for a short summary.

I've started the Holy Whisk Blog last Christmas. After an inspiring brainstorming, I figured out the name, drew the logo and set up the basic principles about the future content. It was a nice beginning, and I would like to say to thank you for your suggestions and feedback about the design and posts. We bloggers continuously learn from the growing community of our readers and I like to consider any of your advice too and build the best recommendations in the system without giving up my own style.

A year ago my pictures were made on a kitchen counter, they just showed the actual food before I ate it... then I developed my photography skills together with my written English, but I still need to learn a lot about styling and more varied composition to create more enjoyable and professional posts for You!

When I bring home the 20th plate or photo background... my other half is definitely not over the moon! But this is how the process of building up the stock of my photo props is well balanced: if he wouldn't say sometimes that it's enough, probably I would create a 'flea market' from our nice home! I guess all of my food blogger friends feel me now!

Let's continue with something more personal...

One of the main reasons I've started blogging was the loneliness caused by this ex-pat life. I have to highlight, how grateful I am that this year gave me many new friends with similar interests from all around the globe. I've learnt a lot through the collaborations and the professional or more personal conversations we had guys... I feel more complete since I have You! ♥

Now I cannot imagine my life without this blog. I can invest my creative energies into the new ideas, it keeps me busy, connected to the foodie community and proved that I can manage it way over the limits I thought I had. In the last few years, this is the only new passion, a habit that I didn't give up after a short period, so I think I should be proud of this.

I hope you tried new recipes or culinary techniques since you follow the Holy Whisk Blog, I'll work hard to surprise you, inspire you while we both have fun in the new year too!

Thank you for reading me and following my journey on this tasty adventure!

Happy New Year, see you in 2018 too!

Cake Slice - Food, Styling & Model by © Reka Csulak + Photo by © Vicente Mateu

Food, Styling & Model by © Reka Csulak + Photo by © Vicente Mateu