I'm here to help you become a master of your craft!

You are reading this page, which means that you already understand the importance of working with a mentor.

Focus your precious time elsewhere instead of trying to figure this out alone! Let's do this together!


you want to get the most out of your creation process but don't know where to start.


you appreciate feedback and follow-up about your progress.


you have questions that never get a proper answer at public forums.

You are at the right place if...

motivation and emotional support help you move toward your goals.

Tailored to your needs

1-on-1 sessions proved to be the most efficient form of education during my own learning curves, so I fully trust this method when it comes to bringing you closer to your own goals at your level of proficiency - this is how:

  • beginners can become proficient in the fundamentals of photography, styling and gear to create a client-ready portfolio
  • semi-professionals can up-skill, break free from creative rut, and clarify their goals and improve their business practices in order to attract their ideal client
  • food bloggers, home bakers & chefs can learn to capture their creations in a way that wows their audience and customers
  • entrepreneurs can learn how to take cohesive, recognisable and memorable product photos aligned with your branding
Tailored To Your Needs - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

What topics can we cover?

We can discuss one or more of these examples within our time frame, or you can suggest other topics you wish to learn more about.

Photography basics


Manual mode

Working with natural / artificial light

Composition, styling, props


Portfolio basics / review

Business practices

Workflow & client experience optimising

Troubleshooting a specific problem

Features you will love

  • Personalised content & studio demonstrations tailored to your needs and goals
  • Free assessment with each booking
  • Custom session summary for future reference
  • Homework with a hands-on exercise or actionable tasks
  • Join your online session from any location, or visit me at the studio and style your own hero with my props
  • Enjoy 100% of my attention - you are in focus!
  • Learn at your own pace with no peer-pressure
  • Re-visit topics as many times you wish
  • Gain back confidence with my emotional support
  • If your topics allow it, we can split up 3 and 9 hours sessions into multiple shorter ones (min. 1 hour each) + you get access to email support between each to ask your questions on the topics we discussed previously.
Features You Will Love - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

Step-by-step process

1. Booking

Please reach out to me via the Mentee Survey form and Your chosen Session, then I will personally guide You through the booking process.

2. Free assessment

1-on-1 Consultation Session: You will receive a survey before your Session. Feedback Session: You can specify if there are areas where you wish me to focus my feedback on. The details You share will allow me to understand Your needs, expectations and goals, together with Your current challenges so we can maximise the potential of the Session and time frame.

3. Sesion

1-on-1 Consultation Session: takes place via an online video call, or in person at my studio / Your location, where we discuss the previously agreed topics + find the answers to Your questions as they fit into our time frame. Feedback Session: equivalent to the given image/portfolio feedback provided via email.

4. Homework

1-on-1 Consultation Session: after the Session, You will get a hands-on exercise or actionable tasks as homework. (Note: this step is not part of Feedback Sessions.)

5. Session Summary

1-on-1 Consultation Session: after the Session, You can request a custom summary via email for Your own, personal use, so You can refer to it later. (Note: this step is not part of Feedback Sessions.)

6. Follow-up

1-on-1 Consultation Session: I leave You a couple of weeks to a month after Your Session to process the know-how and take action. Then, I will reach out to You once, to check Your progress and consistency. (Note: this step is not part of Feedback Sessions.)

Check what my mentees say

You can find more feedback on our Trustpilot page.

“I had a brilliant Mentoring Programme with Réka. The sessions were tailored to my needs: we discussed topics where I felt I needed guidance and I got homework to improve my skills. I also had the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions, mainly business-related ones which she answered with all honesty and shared her valuable experiences. But more importantly, Réka encouraged me and provided ongoing emotional support which shows her strength as a true mentor. I cannot recommend her enough.” 


"I had a 1-on-1 Consultation with Réka and it was so helpful for me to start my photography business. She helped me to identify the most important steps towards a successful beginning and she was very honest and encouraging. I like her mindset not only as a photographer but as a business owner as well."


“I attended Reka’s 1-1 private consultation, and it was an excellent session. We discussed my needs before the session and Reka tailored the consultation to meet those needs. It was a hands-on experience with a lot of discussions about the whys and hows of food styling and photography. I learned so much useful information which I’m looking forward to putting into practice in my everyday photography. I will recommend Reka’s consultation and training session to anyone looking to improve their food photography” 



1-on-1 Consultation sessionS

Based on your needs, you can select from various session durations.

Choose a longer session & save money!

  • 30-minute Q&A session: €99
  • 1 hour session: €180
  • 3 hours session: €486
  • 9 hours Mentoring session: €1296

Mentoring add-ons

For a 6-month period after the end of their last Mentoring session, previous participants can purchase 1-hour Mentoring add-ons at a special price, to extend their Mentoring-experience.

  • 1 hour Mentoring add-on: €126

/Prices incl. 24% VAT/

Never stop learning

Below, you can see how my own work evolved from the year I got my first DSLR until today. There is nothing wrong with the early images, but the consistency surely increased and the portfolio has been updated with way more advanced references over time.

I got here by constantly adding new skills and learning from mentors who already achieved what I'm aiming at. Seeking for feedback is also essential for further growth so I constantly challenge my vision at different competitions and reflect on my work via professional reviews.

My Work 2018-2019 - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
My Work 2020-2021 - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
My Work 2022-2023 - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
My Work Now - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

Feedback Sessions

Get your feedback on your chosen image or portfolio via email and use the perspective given to improve your future work for success.

How it works?

  • Send me your image / portfolio via email
  • Within a week, you will get a detailed feedback & analysis on both the pros and cons + suggestions for improvement in a form of a digital certificate.
  • I will follow up once, to check how my feedback influenced your vision and processes.

What's covered by the feedback?

  • Image: general aesthetics, composition, styling, colour palette, post-processing, metadata.
  • Portfolio: overall visual language and aesthetics, pagination, structure, volume, flow, composition, style, mood, colour palette, SEO, metadata, ideal client/target audience.
  • If you wish my feedback to be focused on specific areas, you can share your preference in advance as part of the free assessment.


Feedback sessions
  • Image Feedback Certificate: €36
  • Portfolio Feedback Certificate: €99

/Prices incl. 24% VAT/

Feedback Sessions - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

Mentee love

You can find more feedback on our Trustpilot page.

“Loved Reka’s analysis of one of my images. She has amazing attention to detail, which was pretty useful to me! It would definitely help me improve my photography, composition & styling! :)”


"Reka gave me very useful tips and tricks on how to make my image outstanding - attention to the perfect details are essential and being consequent is very important for a good image. Thanks to Reka's professional experience she gave me advice that nobody else gave me before so I could improve my skills a lot. I am so grateful to her and highly recommend her services.”


“Having Reka's feedback on my work has allowed me to improve my skills and rework my picture with professional advice. She's been so sweet and available. Thank you so much!”


Creative Education FAQ + Terms

I'm ready to book my session. What's next?
Can I attend my session in-person?
What do I need for my session?
What languages can we use?
I'm ready to book my session. What's next?
Can I attend my session in-person?
What do I need for my session?
What languages can we use?
  1. Please reach out to me with your chosen Session. 
  2. I will personally guide you through the booking process and issue your invoice, then you shall complete the payment in advance, via EUR (€) bank transfer. Exchange tip: Wise, Revolut, Xoom.
  3. Your reservation is complete once I reach out to you via email, to confirm that your payment has been received - then we will agree on the date and time for your Session(s).
I'm ready to book my session. What's next?
Can I attend my session in-person?
What do I need for my session?
What languages can we use?

Sure! Please contact me and we will discuss the possibilities and details of visiting my studio (Espoo, FI) as part of the booking process.

If you would like Your Session to happen at your home or a specific location - be it in Finland, Hungary or any other country-, please reach out to me with the details, and then we will discuss the possibilities based on your request as part of the booking process (additional costs may apply).

I'm ready to book my session. What's next?
Can I attend my session in-person?
What do I need for my session?
What languages can we use?
  • Bring your favourite notepad and pen so you can take notes and do sketches.
  • For the online Sessions, you need good working internet that can smoothly run an online call with video and screen sharing.
  • For the in-person Sessions, you might need various equipment and cover your meal(s), but I will advise you before the session, considering the topics to be covered.
I'm ready to book my session. What's next?
Can I attend my session in-person?
What do I need for my session?
What languages can we use?

We can surely communicate and do your Session Summary in English or Hungarian - depending on which of these provides the most freedom and flexibility to our conversations.

However, the language of the invoices and other documents will be English.

By booking / participating in a session ON this page, you accept THE FOLLOWING Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:
  2. “Service Provider” ("We", "Us" or "Our") means Three Pod Studio, Reka Csulak.
  3. 'Participant' (“You”, “Your”) means the person and/or business attending/using the Session.
  4. “'Session” means the Creative Education services (feedback, consultation, mentoring) offered by Us and are listed above on this particular page of this website.
  5. You confirm, that you read, understood and accept these Terms & Conditions + information shared via the FAQ.
  6. You shall contact the Service Provider to request an invoice for Your chosen Session.
  7. Payments to be made in full, in EUR (€) and in advance via one of the offered payment method(s). Your VAT liability may be assessed.
  8. Promotions cannot be combined.
  9. Your booking is complete by Our payment confirmation via email - then the date and time of the Session will be agreed on.
  10. Within 14 days of Your booking (payment): you can contact us to request a one-time change of your booking to a suitable future Session with the same value / cancel your booking and request a refund
  11. After 14 days of Your booking (payment) and/or on the day/after the event is held: there will be no transfers or refunds.
  12. The Session serves as a source of guidance, and You are expected to apply and interpret the provided information independently while being solely responsible for Your own progress and success. We shall not be held liable in any way for Your progress or any consequences associated with the information provided.
  13. The Session does not include the sharing of Our sensitive information and/or business secrets including but not limited to business & service structure, prices, and client data.
  14. You consent to be photographed/recorded at a Session for Our service improvement and marketing purposes & waive all rights/claims related to these materials.
  15. We reserve all rights to the documents, visuals, recordings, Session summaries and other resources provided to You as part of the Session. Only You have the right to use these personally for non-commercial purposes, with no right to share, resell, sub-license, reproduce or publish them in any way.
  16. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a Session due to illnesses, force majeure events or other reasonable matters. In this case, you can either change your your booking to a suitable future Session with the same value / request a refund.
  17. We may update these Terms & Conditions regularly and notify You by posting a new version to this page. The changes are effective immediately, and You are responsible for reviewing them periodically, as We are not responsible for additional notifications.

Latest update: 14/02/2024

Why choose my sessions?

I deliver professional practices to talented creatives, like YOU, for over 5 years. Life never gave me any shortcuts, on the other hand, I had to start from scratch a couple of times when I moved between countries.

As a mentor I can help you with a realistic approach and teach you how to crawl, walk and run before getting ready to fly.

Why Choose My Services? - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

Workshops & Facilitation

I organise workshops with creative guidelines, inspiring topics & learning opportunities that creators and photographers will enjoy - even on advanced levels.

You can also book me as a facilitator at your event, if you looking for a photographer & stylist to host a thematic workshop or join the board of other professionals as a speaker or demonstrator.