Welcome to the Holy Whisk Blog!

I started to enjoy cooking and baking when I was a child and since I’m an adult I re-discovered the joy of this hedonist free time activity over and over again. Fortunately, there is such a period in my life now, when I have sufficient inspiration and have pleasure in cooking and eating.

I love to be in the kitchen especially when I don’t need to rush, but leisurely can spend half days in the “lab” and I can try something new or there will be an old, tried and tested favourite on the table again.

I find the yummy stuff mainly on the internet. They usually begin their life as a saved bookmark, and then transferred it into my recipe collection all with the same added label: TO TRY OUT, and they wait here for a longer or shorter period. In recent months I’ve noticed that the set of unknown recipes has been greater than the tested category. It’s almost embarrassing, so it’s time to do something.

Make the decision: check!

It is always easy … But, how to maintain motivation and get some results at the same time?

And that’s where you and I connect.

I try the recipe and tell you how did it go, and if you took a fancy to make it, what you will get it’s not just the recipe from the original source, in addition, you can read about my experiences too. My kitchen is a bit similar to yours probably: I have no professional machine background, neither three square meters of the kitchen counter, but I have all of the ingredients in the pantry and refrigerator that you may obtain easily. If the recipe requires a secret spice from another galaxy, no worries! I’ll come up with something that makes the food even better…

If not my own recipes will be discussed, I won’t copy and paste the actual recipes and steps here but you could find the original link and the source in the blog posts. The ideas usually come from famous food blogs or channels you possibly know very well. There will be difficult and much more easy ones; surprisingly good dishes but it’s likely that you will find some which may be interesting but they will not get into the hall of your all-time favourites.

You should know, that this blog is not based on criticism, the judgement of any recipes won’t be a goal. But what is highly recommended: abandon yourself to the joy of creation, the harmony or the cavalcade of the different tastes, and last but not least, share the food and/or experiences with family, friends, your beloved one, kids or anyone. As Christopher McCandless has written in his diary – the Into the wild movie based on it-:

“Happiness only real when shared.”

You will know if I followed a recipe literally and if something has changed or I considered the quantity of any ingredients needed to modify to get better textures or taste.

In relations is important, if not the most important thing is honesty, and as a result: trust, therefore, I should mention at the beginning that I’m picky. If we know each other or we ate together at least once, you know exactly that a wonderful salad or veggie creations won’t make me completely amazed. Visually, I love to see the colours and freshness of different textures on a plate, but for me, it’s just a kind of exhibition experience for now. Shame! Otherwise, when I’m sorting the food on my plate, behind me there is the certain sister from the Game of Thrones with that bell… but in my defence, as I get older, “fewer and fewer things were left at the edge of my plate”, and I consider this as a great development… compared to myself.

And if you are still here after these, and still interested in what a choosy woman can get out of a cooking blog, thank you so much for your trust. If I would write about just cakes, it could be easier for me in this case, but I have good news since I like this kind of challenge we won’t miss any of the main dishes either.

Since my friends become more international during the last few years, I would like to do a favour for those who could understand the posts only by using Google translate; so you could find the English version next to Hungarian paragraphs. I try to translate to the best of my knowledge, but since I don’t speak the English language fluently at the moment, certainly occur some bigger or smaller mistakes, therefore private messages are very welcome from anyone who has any constructive comments or ideas for improvement.

It’s time to cook something… so I will share the first recipe with you shortly.

Gingerbread - Photo by © Reka Csulak

Gingerbread - Photo by © Reka Csulak