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Reka Csulak, owner of Three Pod Studio ("Reka" "we" "us" "our") is the owner of https://threepodstudio.com ("our website") and social media pages/profiles under the @threepodstudio tag on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, X, Pinterest, and LinkedIn ("our social media").

We disclose our paid partnerships and sponsored opportunities, for example via the #sponsored, #ad etc. hashtags, applying longer disclaimers or using a paid partnership label, etc. We may also share affiliate links on our website and our social media along with a disclosure, and we may earn a commission if you purchase through those links. We aim to follow good practices regarding incentives and attach disclosures whenever it is mandatory. In exchange for featuring products or services on our website and our social media, on occasion, we may accept various forms of compensation, for example: cash, sponsorship, gift cards, services, etc. All compensation agreed upon reflects our time and costs of content creation.

We may participate in PR opportunities such as attending PR events and/or receiving PR products/services. While participating in these PR opportunities as food writers (not as influencers!!), we are doing journalistic work with editorial and reportage elements. Regarding the nature of our participation, we are not entering into any exchange agreements, therefore, we are not required to create any content or promotion in exchange. Any content we voluntarily create to cover these PR opportunities has a purpose to inform, without aiming to promote any organisations/products/services; and we attach clear disclosures, for example: PR event/opportunity, PR product received etc. Any PR products/services/raffle prizes handed out by the PR event organiser/other participants are not a form of compensation, nor part of an exchange agreement.

We also like to mention any products and services that have proven to be a good purchase for us. These are also non-sponsored contents, therefore, we do not attach any disclosures, but we may add, for example, the #notsponsored hashtag for more clarity.

We would like to highlight, that we aim to only feature or mention any thrid-party organisations, products and services that we enjoy and more importantly: we believe you would enjoy them too! We strictly avoid engaging with anything we would not use or share with our loved ones.

In all instances, the opinions expressed by us on our website or our social media are exclusively our own. We practice and encourage giving one's honest opinion, therefore we strictly avoid providing/requesting mandatory positive feedback or best rating upon incentives or compensation.

We are not responsible to handle any inquiries related to third-party products or services featured or mentioned on our website or social media. Any product claim, statistic, quote, referral detail, guarantees or other representation about a third-party product or service appearing on our website or social media should be verified with the manufacturer, seller, reseller, provider, or party in question. Our website does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

We may use generative AI-tools (such as ChatGPT) as part of our ideation process, but solely to spark creativity. As we prefer to share our own ideas, concepts and content in our own voice and with our personal style, we strictly aim to avoid using fully AI-generated content, but in case we still decide to share such content, we aim to adhere to transparency requirements, such as labelling or disclosure.