I'm here to help to bring your brand story to the next level!

You are here, which means that you already understand the importance of exceptional photographs that represent your business in a way that makes you proud and keeps your customers inspired.

Let's replace DIY photoshoots and boring stock images with professional content production together!


Digitalised workflow for efficient collaboration

Remote work from the studio or travel to your location

Global coverage by direct shipping/drop-off to the studio

All-inclusive service and in-house options if you do not fancy outsourcing

Online gallery for selection & delivery with advanced security measures

Well-equipped studio & workspace to save on rental fees

Extensive prop collection with 600+ curated items

Self-designed props you will find nowhere else



Product Photography

Whether you're refreshing your online store, launching new products, or planning a seasonal campaign, high-quality visual content is crucial to boost customer confidence and drive sales.

I specialise in creating custom imagery that not only meets your marketing needs but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience - both online and in print.

Send your goods to my studio, and I'll craft an enchanting commercial narrative that beautifully portrays your brand's essence and leaves your customers eagerly waiting to add your products to their shopping carts!


Product Photography - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio



Menu Photography

When it's time for an update, I will capture the essence of your delicious dishes and translate their flavours into mouthwatering images perfect for your new menu, restaurant banners, leaflets, website, social media - or even the popular food ordering services in your area.

No distance is too far! If you cannot bring your products, I can re-create nearly anything in my studio's kitchen - just send me the recipe with an image of the serving. I can also travel globally to work at your place.

You serve the delicious food and I deliver the mouthwatering photos that fall from the picture into every foodies' mouth in town!


Menu Photography - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio



Recipe Photography & Development

Whether you have a specific recipe in mind or need one developed to your product, leave it to me! Based on your needs, I can prepare, style, and capture the phases of preparation and compose a hero-shot for the serving.

Showcase the versatile usability of your products, watch your cookbook ranking towards the top of the bestseller list, grow your newsletter or attract a surge of visitors to your blog and online platforms.


Recipe Photography And Development - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio



Add-on Services

Feeling overwhelmed translating your visual ideas into plain words in order to prepare the full creative brief for your project? Request my Creative Direction service and let me help! Following  the ideation during our 1-on-1 brainstorming session, I'll put together a customised mood board and shoot list for your approval.

What else?

  • set styling (food + product, prop)
  • recipe development
  • food preparation
  • modelling by the photographer
  • stop motion / GIF
  • AI prompt writing for visuals & copy
  • basic graphic design
  • unique file-naming, application of watermark
  • copywriting
  • staff portraits
  • location ambience
  • + other special requests

These add-ons can be combined with your project, or booked as stand-alone services.


Add-On Services - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

This is what happens next...

Let me walk you through each step of my creative process!







If my portfolio proves to be a good reference, you might decide to work with me on your upcoming campaigns.

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate I will need to learn more about your project. Please get in touch via the Client Survey, so I can get a clear picture of your needs and send you a proposal.





Upon your positive decision, we proceed with the next steps. You can submit your business information for the documents via a handy onboarding form. Your booking is complete with a mutually signed agreement and a 50% deposit payment received. If you prefer the immediate release of your selected visuals, you can also pay upfront.






Request my Creative Direction service and following our brainstorming session I put together a mood board + shoot list for your approval - or alternatively, you can provide the full creative brief (I have templates). I send your Client Homework which is a summary of a few tasks you shall complete in order to progress and avoid delays. Ship your products, and when they arrive, I start the sourcing process by getting the necessary ingredients and props for the production day(s).





It's time to bring the concepts to life! The duration of the production (aka the shooting days) depends on the project and can vary from one to several days. I cover everything under one roof from food preparation to styling, lighting, directing and capturing each scene - be it in my studio or on location within Finland and abroad.





In addition to culling and editing, I also offer retouching in order to achieve perfectly spotless and even magical results. I export the files according to the agreed specs and the long list of proofs will be uploaded to your exclusive client gallery for your review and selection.






I send you the gallery access info & instructions, along with any remaining invoices. Then comes the most exciting moment of the project when you review the fresh visuals for the first time. To ensure a smooth release process, I ask you to complete + confirm your selection (proofing) within 5 days.






Once the project is complete and all payments are received, I release your confirmed selection of visuals to download. Download within 30 days, then you can start to use your brand-new assets along with the agreed terms.

You have the option to buy rights for additional visuals of the shoot for up to 1 year.


Retainer Partnership

Let me take care of the creative content creation every month, so you can focus more on bringing your brand to success. I will deliver fresh sets of scroll-stopping visuals, that speak to your target audience in your brands native language.

Becoming partners requires a minimum 3 months commitment, but in return you will be rewarded with a yummy 20% discount.

Never run out of eye-catching visuals again!


Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
Retainer Partnership - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
FloweRescue - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio
check What my clients say

FloweRescue Ry

"We worked with Reka to visually convey the way flowers age, and our process to "rescue" flowers - cleaning, refreshing and rehydrating old flowers to help them become beautiful again! The beauty of Reka's photos speak for themselves (she makes everything, even old and moldy roses, look stunning), and it was such a pleasure to work with her - she came to rescue flowers with us and was really willing to "get her hands dirty". She was very clear about her process, timeline and deliverables."


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YOUR first question MIGHT BE....

What's the price?

Though I'd love for the answer to be simple and display a price-list right here, but

my goal with every project is to create unique content that sets a brand apart from others.

When it comes to custom productions, there’s no one price fits all - this is why my approach involves providing a custom estimate specifically for YOUR project to ensure that the pricing fully reflects to your needs + the creative brief.

I will ask you to complete the Client Survey as it fits your schedule (or alternatively jump onto a call) and based on your helpful answers I can provide you with a fully customised proposal & estimate within 48 hours.


Are we a good fit?

I run a specialist business, which means that I'm not the right service provider for everyone.
On the other hand, I always try to ensure that no booking experience ends without help and value is provided. If it turns out that I cannot provide you with what you’re looking for, I will be more than happy to recommend someone who can, upon request.

✦ you are planning a 100% model-focused production
(I like to build creative concepts around a product/menu item/recipe and turn this element into the true hero of their visual story with occasional human elements that make sense without being overpowering)
✦ you are looking for a family or a wedding photographer
(It is not possible to be the jack-of-all-trades in the photography industry without becoming the master of none of the genres, so in addition to my main expertise in commercial food & product photography I offer only portrait sessions)
✦ you are not ready to make the investment or looking for the cheapest offer
(Instead of aiming to bid below my competitors, I offer you my internationally recognised skillset + award-winning vision in order to create custom content. This created value combined with your marketing strategy then translates into visibility, strong brand identity, engagement and revenue = high ROI)
✦ you are not responsive or wish to micro-manage
(I designed a process with customised experience and great clarity at your convenience, but in order to succeed and avoid delays, I kindly ask you to trust in my vision, communicate with me, and complete a few tasks with respect to deadlines).

Where to start?

I believe in transparency so that you can make the most informed and educated decision possible when deciding on choosing my services or not.

If we are about to work together for the first time, to get a clear picture of what I do, as a first step, please make sure to check my portfolio and get familiar with my services & processes. If these served as good references, please get in touch by filling out the Client Survey as it fits your schedule (or alternatively jump onto a call) and based on your helpful answers I can provide you with a proposal & estimate.

There is no project in the queue right now?
I still recommend jumping onto a discovery call for an introduction and let's start outlining your needs and goals now - so I can make the best recommendation for us to work together on your upcoming projects in the future.

Can you come up with a cool idea for my brand?

Absolutely! You do not have to spend hours trying to come up with visual ideas, and then translate them into plain words in order to prepare a full creative brief for your project - simply request my Creative Direction service and I will take care of it all!
I created numerous successful and even award-worthy concepts for my clients that got intertwined with their well-recognisable brand identity - so I am confident that I can also provide you with unique ideas that resonate with your brand's style and personality!

✦ Following the ideation during our 30-minute 1-on-1 brainstorming session I will put together a mood board + shoot list for your approval.
✦ Book it as a project add-on or as a stand-alone service.
✦ The service fee stays billable in case you reject the proposal/estimate, or the project gets cancelled later on because of the concept, mood board + shoot list being delivered, but you will get permission to execute it in-house or assign these to another service provider.

Alternatively, you can also decide to create and provide the full creative brief including a mood board + shoot list (I have a template that I can provide for your convenience.).

When can I see the results?

A photographer's turnaround time specifies how long the post-production takes = when you can see the previews and start your selection process.

I will present you with the previews within 7-14 days after the shoot - depending on the current workload.
Around the shoot day, I will give you a more accurate timeline.

If you do have a deadline, please let me know and I will do everything I can to complete post-production accordingly - even on a rush-basis if needed.

If you require more than the deliverables included in your original package, then you can separately purchase more visuals from the shoot for up to 1 year.

How can I use the images? Do I own them?

As part of the Client Survey, you will specify your preferred usage rights so you will have the desired flexibility to use your selected visuals.
You can always request a rights extension if something changes later on the way - for example if you wish to start using the visuals not only in digital media but also in print, plan to publish a book or update your product packaging.

✦ As the creator of the visuals (image, video...), I, the photographer will be the legal owner of the assets (intellectual property) and their copyright.
✦ To avoid the expensive buy-out process, the industry has an affordable practice, the so-called licensing: the client gets the photographer's written permission to use the licensed visuals according to the agreed terms - that specify who, how, where, and how long can use a visual.
✦ Always require a written licensing agreement that states your rights - it is the only way to prove your rightful use of a copyright-protected asset. (This is included in all of my agreements).

✦ When you use stock photos, you pay for the licensing to rightfully use certain ready-made visuals - these do not feature your products or tell a specific story about your brand.
✦ When you choose custom production services, in addition to licensing the resulting visuals, you shall also cover the creation of the custom visual content from scratch.
✦ You can easily compare the prices of custom imagery and stock photos by selecting similar rights at these sites. For example, a royalty-free licence for an image with a random strawberry cake slice on the stock photo site called Getty Images starts at €115 (small) - price checked in August 2023.

What are your payment terms?

✦ Your booking is complete with a mutually signed agreement + an initial payment of 50% deposit.
✦ You will receive the balance invoice when the previews of the Final Images are presented for your selection.
✦ The images will be released upon all payments being received.

If you prefer getting quick access to your confirmed selection of visuals, you can choose to take care of the full payment upfront / pay the outstanding fees right away.

I am ready to help with your last-minute needs and meet short deadlines, but this always requires me to work irregular hours and often overnight. Therefore, to ensure the fastest image release, an extra charge applies + full payment is required upfront.

Do you offer refunds and corrections?

✦ You have full access to my portfolio, services and a generous amount of guiding information on this website.
✦ I am also happy to assist you if you have further questions.

✦ I am providing a custom production service, therefore no refunds will be offered after the shoot days.
✦ On the other hand, there is a cancellation policy in place prior to production.

✦ When the mutually signed brief has been delivered completely, but you change your mind, we can surely cover any change requests (additional post-processing, re-shoot etc.) - I’ll simply add the fees of extra work to the final invoice.
✦ If you still feel the delivery of the brief was incomplete, you may submit a change request with a valid explanation that will be subject to assessment.

Do you return my products?

Food, perishable, refrigerated or frozen goods, opened packages, and products with labels removed will not be returned in order to comply with safety and hygiene measures.

If you want any other products or props/items you provided for the production to be returned, please take care of the logistics of the return shipping or collect them within the storage time (info below).

The products, props and items will be stored for up to 1 month after the preview of the results has been presented.

Does the monthly retainer ideal for my business?

A monthly retainer is an ideal choice if your brand has a clear & well-established marketing strategy and the constant need for a cohesive collection of visual content. You will get a 20% discount in exchange for a min. 3 months commitment!

✦ Minimum commitment: 3 months
✦ Price review: every 12 months
✦ Creative brief: 3 months of mood board + shoot list in advance:
----- You need to provide these
----- I can also put these together for you as part of my Creative Direction service
----- You can trust me with complete creative control over the concept
✦ Previews: 1st day of each month
✦ Invoices: 1st day of each month, sent along with the previous month's previews
✦ Cancellation: after 3 months invoiced, by a min. of 4 weeks' written notice prior to the start of an upcoming production
✦ Props, items: full access to my curated prop collection; any additional elements/model/rental etc. will happen upon your approval + to be invoiced as additional service or reimbursement.

✦ I will ask you to answer the Client Survey (or jump onto a call) to describe your needs and specify the type of content you need and the number of visuals with each delivery.
✦ Based on your helpful answers, I will provide you with a fully customised proposal & estimate including a delicious 20% discount to reward your long-term commitment.
✦ Your monthly retainer is secured with a mutually signed agreement + 2 months of deposit received.
✦ All future payments are to be made 1 month in advance to avoid any delays.
✦ You send or I create the creative brief for 3 months, alternatively, you can trust me with complete creative control over the concept.
✦ You send your products / menu / recipe to my studio.
✦ Lean back and get curated content with each delivery!

Details & timeline to be discussed separately
✦ Bi-monthly (minimum commitment: 6 months)
✦ Quarterly (minimum commitment: 12 months)

Why choose my services?

Commercial food + product photography is a complex line of work, but after helping several businesses around the world, I'm here to cover YOUR visual content needs.

Working as a professional in different countries across Europe I met various market-specific expectations, trends and aesthetics. I used this experience to design my services with an equal focus on delivering exceptional results & providing a down-to-earth yet specialist approach, with friendly and transparent processes.

You will experience real client appreciation at all levels.

Say goodbye to those DIY photoshoots, stock images and mobile photos that did not get the breakthrough that your business deserves! I will produce the scroll-stopping imagery that effectively brings you closer to your customers + your marketing & sales goals!

Why Choose My Services? - Photo by © Reka Csulak Three Pod Studio

Production Terms & Conditions