Recipe source: Dávid Kárai, Nosalty

Till yesterday I had totally different ideas about my birthday cake. But in the last couple of days, we had pretty hot days here in the UK, so I've changed my mind and instead of heating up the oven and the whole house, even more, I've chosen this no-bake cake.

Curd cheese is a basic ingredient in the Hungarian kitchen, but if you wanna buy some here in the UK, the best way is to search the Polish products in the fridge of your favourite supermarket. This dairy is called 'Twaróg' in Polish, but you will find a little label on it in English, so you can make sure, that you found curd cheese.

For my 15 cm cake tin, I've used just the third of the ingredients. I used McVitie's Digestives for the buttery biscuit base, and when it set after an hour in the fridge, I cut giant strawberries in half and place them on the side of my cake tin, facing out, then poured the curd cheese cream in the tin. When it was completely set after 3-4 hours, I arranged some strawberries on the top of the firm cream and covered them with red quick gel (it shouldn't be hot, but it still should be a thick liquid when you pour it on the cake).

I left the cake to spend a night in the fridge, then in the morning, I've started my birthday with a nice slice.

Strawberry Curd Cheese Cake - Photo by © Reka Csulak

Strawberry Curd Cheese Cake - Photo by © Reka Csulak

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