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Babka is a lovely element of Jewish cuisine. Traditionally it's a braid, made of yeast dough, filled with chocolate or cinnamon filling and often sprinkled with streusel.

I've already prepared many cakes for Christmas, but when I've seen this one posted on the Instagram of Dóra Havas I've saved the recipe and decided to try it when I'll be on holiday.

The preparation starts in the evening, you just combine the dough easily and place it into the fridge overnight. The next day you need to do the chocolate filling and chop some walnuts. Roll the dough to get a rectangular shape, spread the chocolate on its surface, sprinkle with the walnut pieces then roll it up.

To get this nice layered texture, you need to cut your roll in half longitudinally, then twist the two half to get a swirl. Make sure, that the chocolate side always facing up. Place the twisted dough into a lined loaf tin then rest for an hour before you bake it.

Till it's in the oven, you can prepare the sugar syrup that you will pout over the Babka straight after you finished the baking. Let it to cool down completely, then you can carve the first slices!

It's heavenly rich and moist, perfect with your favourite hot drink on Christmas Day... on any other day!

Babka From Jerusalem - Photo by © Reka Csulak

Babka From Jerusalem - Photo by © Reka Csulak

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