Recipe source: Street Kitchen Blog

I've prepared Pork à la Colbert for the second time. It's not difficult but looks gorgeous on the serving plate, so it's perfectly suitable for Sunday lunch with the family.

This recipe uses pork fillet, but it could work with any lean meat or fish as well. Crispy Parma ham outside, then a layer of savoy cabbage leaves, a smooth egg-mushroom purèe and the pork fillet in the middle. Sounds perfect for me!

To easily wrap the things around the pork, I've placed some strings on a piece of parchment paper, then placed the Parma ham slices on the strings, the next layer was the savoy cabbage leaves cooked in salt, cumin and salt flavoured water, then the mushroom-egg purèe with freshly chopped parsley, and finally the seared pork fillet. I used the parchment paper to cover the filet with its savoury jacket and tied the strings to keep the things in the right place while it spent some time in the oven.

Pork À La Colbert - Photo by © Reka Csulak

Pork À La Colbert - Photo by © Reka Csulak

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