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A couple of days ago I've got a message on Instagram from Évi, the blogger of Salt, Wine, Friends Blog. She invited me to do some collaboration, and since we have thousands of miles between us, we decided to do a recipe exchange: chose a recipe from each other's blog, and prepare it in our own way or re-think the basic recipe to create something new.

Évi had some adventurous years when she decided to work on an ocean cruise ship, while she tried plenty of exotic food after work, then she moved to the UK where she discovered new, inspiring ingredients and cultures. Finally, she started her own blog where she share her travel and culinary experiences through her gorgeous photos and lovely blog posts.

My choice is her no-bake avocado pie. She discovered this dessert in Mexico when she spent her free time in small cafès after work on the cruise ship. This pie quickly became Évi's favourite, so she started to work on her own recipe to re-create the tastes and textures, and at the end of her experiments, she wrote a blog post about it.

The preparation is quite easy, honestly, I think a beginner could fix it as good as an experienced cook. I've used coconut flavoured oat biscuits instead of normal ones, and before the serving, I placed it into the freezer for about 30 minutes, then served with matcha green tea powder. It's so refreshing with the taste of mint and lime, and the smooth cream goes very well with the crumbly pie crust.

I really appreciate the invitation to Salt, Wine, Friends Blog, I hope we will keep in touch and do something inspiring in the future as well.

Mexican Avocado Pie - Photo by © Reka Csulak

Mexican Avocado Pie - Photo by © Reka Csulak

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