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About half year ago I've discovered high quality pictures about gorgeous horses on Instagram, plus there were some yummy food on that timeline too, so I knew instantly, that I would like to follow what happens on that little Scandinavian farm. This is how we started to have short then longer conversations with my friend, Vibecke Haagensen and guess what... this post is about our first recipe exchange!

I haven't really told anything about this part of my life, but I love horseback riding, especially ride freely in the forest and mountains and in my teenager years my father bought my first horse then a few years later we bough a second one too, so I had chance not just put a saddle on a random horse somewhere, but I saw how big responsibility is a horse is, and practiced the everyday tasks around the stable. So it was so good that I've found a new friend in the country I love, with the same passion about food and horses... it's just a perfect match, I have to say!

And now we are at the well known interview part, where Vibecke shares some interesting details about her expat life in Sweden and her fantastic hobby too...

Why did you decide to move from Norway to Sweden and how this decision’s changed your life?

I decide to move to Sweden because I was eager to learn as much as possible about horses and dressage riding. And the country life on a horse farm in the South of Sweden sounds so wonderful that I just could not resist it.

And It changed my life completely in many ways. First of all, I gave up a lot, naturally! The close physical contact with family and friends, that always was very important to me -I actually never thought I could leave my hometown-. The familiar things and places I have known my whole life and took for granted, and our home for the last 20 years, where our 3 children were born and raised. My career as a successful showbiz artist in Norway. I went from spotlight to horse life! My glamour life is way gone, Instead of fancy dinner parties, great hotels and lots of champagne, it's hard work and a lot of horse shit, cold winters and rainy days. From a safe playground where everybody knows everybody more or less, I moved to a foreign country where I did not know a single soul, nor did I know anything about this area except there were a lot of horse people in this part of the country I was told.

So I started with a clean slate you may say. And I was very curious and excited.

But you may wonder if I ever regret it?

Not a single day!! I love my life in the countryside with all my horses, my dog, our two cats, 11 chickens and plenty of ducks. Oh, and my husband, did I forget him, sorry. Typically, he always ends up as the last man in the line. So unfair, I know! But I make good food for him… haha!

How the Swedish cuisine influenced your everyday cooking?

I don't think Swedish cuisine influenced me very much actually. Since I live in the countryside, and I am seldom away from the farm, even more seldom out dining, I think my biggest influence is the internet and my favourite blogs, or my favourite cookbooks.

I think more than ever I try to think first of the season and what to use in my food. And I become very conscious of buying locally, cause we have so many local farm shops around us. And I buy organic products if possible.

What motivated you to choose the farm life and set up a bed and breakfast business? What are your overall experiences?

We had our own B&B at the farm for some seasons but decided to stop last year. It´s too busy for us with all the other commitments at the farm. But we conducted a couple of good seasons, so I’m kind of proud I´ve tried it, and have this experience. And we met some wonderful people that will stay as friends forever, all around the world.

Your passion is table setting then taking pictures of your lovely creations. Where do you normally find those beautiful accessories you normally use as photo props?

My passion is table setting as you refer to and I think I always had that passion.

I remember I often went to the woods to look for props for my table when I was a young mother and wife. I'm still fond of using nature to gather things for my decorations. I´m a self-thought photographer, I mean, not completely. I took an online course with Christina Greve in 2016,  and I was a student at Marte Marie Forsberg's retreat in the English countryside in March 2017. it taught me a lot, but in the end, it´s all about passion and hard work is it not, whatever we do. But I’m absolutely an amateur photographer learning by doing, every day.

My other passion is Vintage. My farm is filled with vintage props in every corner. Sweden is a country with much more flea markets than we have in Norway. So for a Norwegian vintage freak, this is heaven. I´ve been to so many wonderful places and brought back so many treasures to my home since the first day I moved here in 2008. I am in process of bringing my own webshop to the market, but it takes time.

But I’m on to it, so watch out for ScandinavianVintageShop!

When did you buy your first horse and how many horses do you have now on the farm?

I bought my first horse at the age of 49, -I know, so so late in life- and I did my first competition on my 50 birthday, and won by the way, and it get me hooked :) Today I have 7 horses, and three of them are my own breed, born here at the farm with my presence. I'm a very proud horse mom.

If you ever dream of moving to the countryside, do it! I'm sure you would not regret it a single day !!

And now let's start the actual cinnamon roll project! The recipe is based on the method that the pastry bakers use at the famous Morten Schakenda bakery, which people visit for their yummy cinnamon rolls.

For Scandinavian pastries you normally need fresh yeast, so to get the best result try to buy some, instead of using dry yeast. By the way that's the same with Hungarian pastries too. After you knead the dough, let it rise. In the meantime, you can prepare the cinnamon filling then let's enjoy some hygge moments with your favourite book and a cup of hot drink...

I have to say, how I love the texture of the dough after the yeast formed millions of air bubbles in it. If you don't know how to form these wonderful spiral-shaped buns, let's check the short tutorial video at Vibecke's post. But of course, you can prepare a classic pastry roll, as you normally do. Before the baking you let the buns rise again and give a final egg wash, sugar sprinkle and finally they can go into the oven.

After I've tried these fresh cinnamon rolls, I understand why people go to try their official version at Morten Schakenda in the Norwegian Lom! They are perfect for breakfast together with coffee... or for me with a cup of tea or hot chocolate :)

I'm so grateful for this recipe for Vibecke. Check her lovely pictures on her Instagram too!

Kanelsnurr Norwegian Cinnamon Roll - Photo by © Reka Csulak

Kanelsnurr - Norwegian Cinnamon Roll - Photo by © Reka Csulak

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